RPL of Fundamentals of Project Management


You have experience!!
You don’t need to do the entire course.

Once you register for this course, we will;
– Assign you to an content evidence gatherer
– Assign you to your assessor
– Orientate you for assessment
– Conduct assessment
– Guide you in closing gaps.

The person completing this course is able to begin operating in a project environment.
To do this it is essential to understand the terminology used for interpreting and explaining fundamental concepts of project management.

This course will also add value to learners who are running their own business and recognise that project management forms an integral component of any business.

The qualifying learner is capable of:

  • Explaining the nature of a project.
  • Explaining the nature and application of project management.
  • Explaining the types of structures that are found in a project environment.
  • Explaining the application of organisation structures in a project environment.
  • Explaining the major processes and activities required to manage a project. 

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