Course Catalogue

Choose from our list of National Qualification Authority Aligned and /or Accredited Courses. You receive a Certificate of Completion or prepare a Portfolio for Assessment and receive a Certificate of Competence.

Employee Engagement, Induction & Development

Understanding Contracts

A candidate credited with this general competence will be able to: discuss different contracts, the role of government in contracts and the institutional sources of contracts.

Understanding Production

A candidate credited with this general competence will be able to: demonstrate an understanding of production, and its impact on the South African economy.

Understanding the Nature of Business

This course will teach you why businesses exist, the roles played by shareholders, banks, suppliers and customers, the factors affecting profitability and the legitimate application of profits.

Improving Employer Employee Relationships

Candidate have an understanding of the employment contract, the procedures, rules and policies which determine workplace relationships, and the respective roles and responsibilities of the employer and the employee.

Career Planning

Qualifying candidates will understand the nature and purpose of unit standards, learning outcomes, skills programmes and assessment processes and are able to explain how these relate to qualifications and to their own learning and career goals.


Qualifying candidate will have a broad knowledge of HIV-Aids, TB and sexually transmitted illnesses, in respect of transmission routes, methods of prevention, treatment and support. They also understand their impact on the workplace.

Human Resources Management

SHE Representative

You can function effectively as a safety, health and environmental representative

Assessor Training

You will be able to Assess candidates against unit standard based qualifications.

Evidence Facilitator

Advise and support candidates to prepare, organise and present evidence for assessment.

Understading the OHS Act

You can function effectively as a safety, health and environmental representative

A Shop Steward’s Guide to Workplace Representation

The objective of this workshop is to assist Shop Stewards and Management in developing an improved understanding of trade unions, the representative’s roles and responsibilities in the workplace and their purpose in respect of South African Labour Laws.

Business Etiquette & Professional Conduct in the Workplace

Qualifying candidates understand what behaviours are appropriate in a workplace and are able to recognise and respond to inappropriate behaviours

Project Management & Leadership

Fundamentals of Project Management

Learn about the nature, major processes and activities required to manage a project.

Project Planning & Initiation

You will be able to participate in the planning and initating of a project.

Project Costing & Budgeting

Participating in the preparation and production and controlling of a project budget.

Quality Management

ISO 9001:2015 Awareness

Develop the skills of general staff in maintaining an effective management system.

Risk Based Thinking in accordance with SANS 9001

Provide Management with an overview of the mandatory requirements related to risk & strategic management within the standard.

Quality Control Practices

Monitor and control the quality of manufacturing/engineering practices during manufacturing.

Risk Assessment & Management

Understand the enterprise risk management process. Be able to undertake risk assessment and treatment.

Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment

This practical course will provide learners with the necessary tools and skills to enable them to carry out hazard identification and risk assessments in the workplace.

Organisational Design, Diversity and Labour Law Programmes

Initiating a Disciplinary Hearing

Identify and categorise transgression, implement appropriate procedures and represent an employee at a disciplinary hearing.

Conduct a Disciplinary Hearing

Effectively handle hearings and reach reasoned decisions on the basis of evidence presented.

Negotiation Skills

This course is intended for people who need to analyse and interpret conflict in their area of operation and contribute towards a conflict resolution/management strategy.

Financial Literacy for Managers

This course is intended for managers in all economic sectors. Learn to investigate and monitor the financial aspects of personal, business, national and international issues.

Supervisory Skills

You should be are able to plan, organise and allocate work to an individual or members of a work team according to the defined business plan for a work unit within an organisation.

Team Leader Training

Lead the team, plan and allocate work and assess team members within context. Candidates will be able to lead a team and plan, allocate and assess work.