Arts & Culture Administration Programme

Programme Overview

You will acquire a unique combination of project administration competencies, human resource management skills and business enterprise skills, in order that they may successfully administer arts and culture projects. The quality of the education and training is enhanced by the strategic combination of management skills and entrepreneurial attitudes, grounded in the need to augment the potential in the creative industries sector. Arts and culture projects differ widely in content, context, meaning and impact. At this level, learners are not required to develop and/or decide on financial or artistic targets and goals of the projects.

Your Skill Set

  • Plan Arts and Culture projects from definition to completion.
  • Co-ordinate and manage Arts and Culture projects in line with project plans.
  • Monitor and review project performance and solve identified problems.
  • Evaluate the outcomes of projects and assess and apply lessons learnt for future use.
  • Keep records for projects and small businesses that meet legal requirements, and builds knowledge for future use.
  • Lead and supervise project teams in order to ensure that all phases and cycles of the project are completed according to specifications.
  • Implement and report on financial strategies.
  • Plan how to implement components of given project marketing plan, in line with given resources and time frames, and execute such plans accordingly.
  • Develop and set up processes, systems, and resources for effective organisational functioning.
  • Supervise arts and culture technical OR development project teams.

Career Opportunities

Project Manager – Administrator -Research & Proposal Writing – Cultural Planning – Cultural Mapping – Art Mover – Researcher – Visual Arts Administrator – Event Coordinator