Marriage & the Home

Marriage is the product of a divine plan. Human beings did not think it up or invent it—God created it. The Garden of Eden is where He chose to institute it. Throughout His Word He upholds it. Christ’s presence at the wedding in Cana confirms it. Someone has likened marriage to a kit which “contains all of the pieces of something that must be put together.” It requires some sanding of rough parts, some gluing, a bit of hammering, some dusting, waxing, and polishing. But the result is beautifully rewarding. The kind of marriage that will have far-reaching effects for good is the one that is built according to the pattern and directions given in God’s Word.
What Marriage Is?
Before Marriage
C hoosing a Companion
Engagement and Wedding
Establishing a Home
Duties of the Husband
Duties of the Wife
Duties of the Children
Duties of the Parents


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