Biblical Ethics

The idea of positive living means to show the right actions in your lifestyle as a Christian following the example in the life and teaching of Jesus. Positive commands and promises rather than mere demands bring fulfillment and joyful living instead of frustration. Jesus is our example. We are personally responsible for cooperating with Christ to bring about positive living, which results from our love for Him. This course will help you see the rules that were made to help you be holy as He is holy. It will help you see that these rules for right living are made for your own good. God is interested in what you are rather than in what you do not do as a Christian.
God Made You Who You Are
GOD Is the Pattern for Our Lives
What God Wants You to Be or Do
God Gives US Rules for Living
God Wants You to Care for Yourself
God Wants You to Care for the Church
God SENT You to Care for the WORLD


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