Business Sector Transformation Management Programme

R 39,000.00

The purpose of the learnership is to acquire a unique combination of B-BBEE Scorecard administration competencies, human resource management skills and business enterprise skills, in order to successfully administer Business Sector B BBEE Scorecard Requirements. This qualification formalizes sets of competencies and combinations of systems to help accumulate expertise in this new area of training.

Experiential knowledge is an important aspect of this qualification, as it scopes across different fields. This should also assist in accelerating the development of people who may have previously been denied opportunities in formal training or employment. If lessons can be learned, documented and applied, a contribution is made to building the discipline of Business Sector B-BBEE Scorecard administration, as well as an integrated national framework for learning achievements, which is one of the primary objectives of the NQF. The quality of the education and training is enhanced by the strategic combination of management skills and strategic management attitudes, grounded in the need to augment the potential in the trade and industry sectors. Business Sector B BBEE Scorecard Requirements differ widely in content, context, meaning and impact. At this level, learners are not required to develop and/or decide on financial or shareholder targets and goals of the B BBEE Scorecard Requirements.