Project Management Programme

R 24,000.00

Learners acquire a unique combination of project administration competencies, human resource management skills and business enterprise skills, in order that they may successfully administer projects. This qualification formalizes sets of competencies and combinations of systems to help to accumulate expertise in this new area of training.

Qualifying learners are capable of:

Allocating given resources within projects, in order to achieve defined project objectives

Co-ordinating the various activities required to implement projects

Monitoring and reviewing the progress of project implementation according to approved systems

Taking corrective action where possible to ensure the accomplishment of the projects

Recording accurately the projects’ processes and outcomes, with appropriate and agreed upon financial and narrative documentation

Communicating with a range of people

Supervising project teams so that the projects are completed satisfactorily according to the brief

Concluding allocated project tasks by motivating team members with a range of interventions including coaching, advising, mentoring and counselling.

Devising an implementation strategy for a given marketing plan

Contributing to future planning by using knowledge gained and information gathered from project administration experiences