Arts & Culture Administration Programme

R 24,000.00

The purpose of this learning programme is that learners acquire a unique combination of project administration competencies, human resource management skills and business enterprise skills, in order that they may successfully administer arts and culture projects. This qualification formalizes sets of competencies and combinations of systems to help to accumulate expertise in this new area of training.

Arts and Culture education in South Africa has historically focused on the development of techniques and the creation of the various art forms, with little attention being given to the administration.

Arts and culture include heritage, the performing arts, visual arts and craft, literature, film and video; and projects or activities within these genres would be events, presentations, exhibitions, displays, performances, festivals and training programmes. Arts and culture projects can play a significant economic role in job creation and small business development. The arts also document changes in society in unique ways, and provide important means for people to express their identities and commonalities within a diversity of traditions and ideologies.

Arts and culture projects must be well run in order to fulfil these potentials. An effective arts industry requires knowledge of contemporary business management and administration practice as well as knowledge of the art/cultural forms, their history and their politics. It is this combination of competencies that would be addressed by this qualification. All stakeholders acknowledge the need for arts organizations to be effectively systematised, in order to raise the status of the profession and maximize funding and marketing opportunities.