Project Management

The purpose of the learning is that learners acquire a unique
combination of project administration competencies, human resource
management skills and business enterprise skills, in order that they may
successfully administer arts and culture projects. This qualification
formalizes sets of competencies and combinations of systems to help to
accumulate expertise in this new area of training.

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  • Project Planning Programme 100

    Project Planning Programme 1001 Product

  • Team Management Programme 100

    Team Management Programme 1001 Product

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    Fundamentals of Project Management

    The qualifying candidate is capable of:
    Explaining the nature of a project.
    Explaining the nature and application of project management.
    Explaining the types of structures that are found in a project environment.
    Explaining the application of organisation structures in a project environment.
    Explaining the major processes and activities required to manage a project.

    R 2,800.00 Project Planning Programme 100
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    Assessor Training Promotion

    South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) regulations stipulate that prospective assessors who wish to register and be accredited as Assessors, must be competent and need a certificate against the unit standard: Conduct Outcomes-Based Assessment

    R 3,999.00 Team Management Programme 100