Event Planning & Coordination

The canidate achieving this unit standard in combination with context expertise standard(s) will be able to co-ordinate an event which meets the expectations of the client. They will demonstrate an understanding of all the elements of the event and the inter-relatedness of the elements, events, context and external factors which might influence the event and the impact there-of. They will demonstrate an ability to supply appropriate alternatives to problems, constraints and risks. They will monitor and improve the event based on critical reviews of evaluation. Learners competent in event co-ordination will deliver a professional, feasible and creative event.


The person credited with this unit standard is able to;

  • Execute an event planning schedule as well as a logistics and operational plan.
  • Control an event budget.
  • Co-ordinate the registration, patron management.
  • Oversee resources.
  • Conduct monitoring and evaluation procedures.

  • Requirement

    It is assumed that the learner has workplace communication and workplace numeracy either at NQF 5, or is currently obtaining these standards. The learner should be competent in, or concurrently complete the unit standard "Understand the inter-relatedness of Event Elements".


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    Course Duration

    40 Days

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    of Completion

    US 13482
    NQF 4
    12 Credits

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