Business Sector Transformation Management Learnership Programme

The purpose of the learnership is to acquire a unique combination of B-BBEE Scorecard administration competencies, human resource management skills and business enterprise skills, in order to successfully administer Business Sector B BBEE Scorecard Requirements. This qualification formalizes sets of competencies and combinations of systems to help accumulate expertise in this new area of training. .

Course Outline

Contribute to B- BBEE Scorecard initiation, scope definition and scope change control 
Conduct documentation management to support B- BBEE Scorecard processes
Schedule B- BBEE Scorecard activities to facilitate effective B- BBEE Scorecard execution 
Monitor, evaluate and communicate B- BBEE Scorecard schedules 
Participate in the estimation and preparation of cost budgets for an element of work and monitor and control actual cost against budget
Fulfil procurement activities and supervise procurement administration 
Contribute to the management of B- BBEE Scorecard risk within own field of expertise 
Generate resources for B BBEE Scorecard Requirements 
Implement B- BBEE Scorecard administration processes according to requirements 
Evaluate and improve the B- BBEE Scorecard team`s performance 
Identify, suggest and implement corrective actions to improve quality
Supervise a B- BBEE Scorecard team of a technical B- BBEE Scorecard to deliver B- BBEE Scorecard objectives
Conduct a basic community needs assessment 
Identify and support learners with special needs 

Language and Communication:
Engage in sustained oral communication and evaluate spoken texts
Read, analyse and respond to a variety of texts
Write for a wide range of contexts
Use language and communication in occupational learning programmes
Use communication skills to handle and resolve conflict in the workplace
Use mathematics to investigate and monitor the financial aspects of personal, business, national and international issues
Apply knowledge of statistics and probability to critically interrogate and effectively communicate findings on life related problems
Represent, analyse and calculate shape and motion in 2-and 3-dimensional space in different contexts
Solve problems involving sequences and series in real and simulated situations
Work with a wide range of patterns and transformations of functions and solve related problems

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