Biblical Management

Manage Biblical Resources

This study presents principles of management revealed in God’s written Word, the Holy Bible. “Management” is another word for “stewardship.” “Stewards,” or “managers,” are responsible over something entrusted to them by someone else. As believers, each of us are managers of spiritual resources with which God has entrusted us. This course introduces the subject of management, identifies leadership positions, and stresses the importance of the anointing to lead. Biblical principles of leading like a servant and shepherd and qualifications for leaders are also discussed. Major tasks of leaders are reviewed, with emphasis on decision making and handling conflicts. Guidelines for training leaders and followers are given, and principles of success and reasons for failure examined.
Management as Ministry
Positions of Leadership
The Anointing to Lead
Qualifications for Leaders
Leading Like a Servant
Leading Like a Shepherd
Tasks of Leaders
Making Decisions
Managing Conflict
Training Leaders & Others
Dealing with Failure
Counting the Cost of Leading


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